mondo*arc April/May 2016 – Issue 90

This issue is dedicated to the “greatest female architect in the world”, Zaha Hadid. In my opinion there was not another architect who did more to promote creative lighting design, both in terms of her encouragement of lighting design as a profession and as a result of her flowing architecture. We were actually working on a profile of her to publish later in the year. With the very sad news of her untimely death we pushed this forward to come up with a tribute to her with input from some of the lighting designers that worked with her. We’ve also dedicated the front cover to her work. I hope you find it inspirational.
Paul James, Editor

Elsewhere in this issue we reflect on everything Light+Building. From stands to products to Luminale, we have put together over 50 pages of comprehensive review to remind you of the highlights and fill in the bits you may have missed (from pg. 124). In continuation of previous global diversity, issue 90’s projects include Bo Steiber’s Suntec exhibition centre in Singapore (pg. 70), The Lighting Practice’s Lit Brothers building in Philadelphia, USA (pg. 80) and The Twilight Zone’s Dalia energy plant in Israel (pg. 96). Moving on to the more artistic, this issue covers modern arts festival e-luminate Cambridge (pg. 158), immersive installation A Panorama of the Skies (pg. 112) and Olafur Eliasson’s Green light (pg. 114). Issue 90 also features an interview with Office of Visual Interaction principals Jean Sundin and Enrique Peiniger, who use lighting to tell the story of architecture (pg. 54). With this being only a handful of highlights and features, many more are listed below.