mondo*arc December/January 2016 – Issue 88

As an exciting year for lighting comes to a close, Dr Geoff Archenhold reviews the technological innovations of 2015 (pg. 138), IES Color Metric Task Group members summarise their findings for ‘TM-30-15 – the IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition’ (pg. 133) and David Morgan reviews Lumino’s ColorCORE technology – the first British product launch to use TM-30-15 as a colour metric test (pg. 136). With the technical to one side, this issue reflects on the global celebration of light with coverage of events such as SLL’s Night of Heritage Light (pg. 84), Light Collective’s Wellington LUX (pg. 100) and the IALD’s Chase the Dark (pg. 90). Continuing the diversity of 87, the projects in this issue are both intriguing and unique; from the exterior lighting at Sonnenhof, Germany (pg. 62) to the interior of London’s famous Ivy restaurant (pg. 72). This issue also features an exclusive interview with lighting designer Toh Yah Li of Singapore-based Light Collab (pg. 44) and a profile on Norwegian architects Snøhetta (pg. 50). With this being only a handful of highlights and features, many more are listed below.