mondo*arc Jun/Jul 2016 – Issue 91

FIVE DAYS TO GO! Fast approaching, the ‪‎darc awards‬ submission deadline for entries is 17 June – have you entered your project or product yet? ‬‬In light of this, this issue showcases some of the exciting projects that have already entered. This includes Gerd Pfarré’s Bolon Eyewear in China (pg. 68), Delta Lighting’s Box Park in Dubai (pg. 76), Skira’s Čikat Bay in Croatia (pg. 84) and vogtpartner’s Hannover Congress Centre (pg. 94) to name but a few. We also cover Osram Lighting Solutions’ interactive architectural lighting that took place in Stockholm during the Eurovision Song Contest (pg. 132)! Alongside this, and continuing the appreciation of light artistry, issue 91 features wonderful installations such as raster-noton’s White Circle (pg. 26) and artec3’s Llumversació (pg. 138). This issue also features an interview with Thomas Mika – founder of lighting design practice Reflexion and ‘Light Keeper of Switzerland’ (pg. 44). We also delve into the world of virtual gaming software and how WSP Finland has utilised it for lighting design (pg. 62). With this being only a handful of highlights and features, many more are listed below.