mondo*arc Oct/Nov 2014 – Issue 81

Unless you’re active on social media, you probably won’t be aware that there are two covers available for this edition. There were so many stunning images of the Energy Tower in Roskilde, Denmark that we could have chosen at least four different covers but we didn’t want to go over the top. That’s the beauty, and the pitfall, of media architecture. It has the ability to totally transform a building, and then to keep on going again… and again… and again. I know media architecture has its critics but when created by architects and / or lighting designers who understand the process, for the right type of building (industrial monoliths seem perfect) there seems to be no better way to create the ‘Wow’ factor. These designers will be descending upon Aarhus on November 19th for the Media Architecture Biennale and we’ll be there too, with both versions of the magazine. You’re welcome to take the extra edition if you want to complete your collection.