mondo*arc Oct/Nov 2016 – Issue 93

Now that the darc awards / architectural dust has settled, it’s safe to say the second darc night was a resounding success. In celebration of everyone’s hard work*, this issue showcases the winners of each category and the wonderful installations that graced the venue on the night (pg. 79). This also includes more detailed coverage of Arup’s (Places High Budget-winning) The Broad museum in USA (pg. 62), Johan Moritz’s (Structures Low Budget-winning) Spillepengen interchange in Sweden (pg. 70), and Speirs + Major’s (Spaces High Budget-winning) Gasholder No 8 in UK (pg. 74). Alongside this, issue 93 features a special report from Lights in Alingsas’ workshop week (pg. 136), and some lighting-related London Design Festival highlights (pg. 149). Not to forget an interview with Manchester-based artist Liz West (pg. 44), and a discussion of cultural significance with Ghanaian British architect David Adjaye OBE – Founder and Principal Architect at Adjaye Associates (pg. 54). With this being only a handful of highlights and features, many more are listed below.

* Big thanks to the teams: Reggiani & Speirs+Major, L&L Luce & Light & dpa lighting consultants, LSE Lighting & Michael Grubb Studio, Concord & Elektra, Heper & Nulty+, XAL & BDP, KKDC & LDI, Forma & Licht Vision / Boom Collective, Cooledge & Arup, Osram Lighting Solutions & Electrolight, GVA & Lighting Design Collective, Radiant Lighting & GNI Projects, Filix & Into, Lucifer Lighting & Light IQ, WILA & ACT Lighting Design and John Cullen Lighting & MBLD who put in so much work into the darc night installations. Thanks too to Applelec who manufactured the trophies from a design by Light IQ.