pfarré lighting design makes a move

13th June 2015

(Germany) – After seventeen years in Munich’s north-west, Gerd Pfarré’s practice moves to stunning office in Schwabing district.

The former antique luminaire store in Munich‘s Alt-Schwabing district provided an ideal L-shaped ground plan for the workplaces and other areas of the new studio. All main technical features, such as print/copy, large-format printer, coffee, server, etc. are hidden behind a new space divider, which also houses the product library and consumable supplies. With this divider, a generous space between divider and the shop windows has been created for meetings and presentations.

Thanks to the digitalisation of the working process and archives, the size of the studio remained the same as before. However, five desks have been reduced in size. An eight-metre long shelving unit provides space to work and store, below a pinboard with the same length. At the former studio site out of town, PLD is still equipped with a lavish archive and further space for testing, mock-ups, and models.

The key lighting elements are four Lichter Trichter pendants found above the workplaces – a special edition of a luminaire designed by Christoph Matthias and Gerd Pfarré. Equipped with two DALI-LED systems for diffuse/direct lighting and indirect lighting (LED 3,000°K diffuse, LED 4,000°K indirect) each generates a perfect task light with lux levels up to 500. Furthermore, the fabric diffusors (dia. 120 cm, removable, washable) optimise the acoustics significantly, as does the pinboard, which is made of soft fibre panels.

Behind the pinboard an LED-profile (3,000°K) provides indirect light for work, testing translucent materials and enhances – with its linear effect – the length of the shelving unit. The back-office is illuminated via the ceiling reflection with indirect LED-strips on top of the upper shelf (6,000°K). The stage lighting effect (backlit quinta) enhances the impact and independence of the space divider in the studio. The extremely cool colour temperature also serves as an example for clients and architects.

In the meeting and presentation area, a track system offers a large variety of direct lighting solutions, such as for projections, tests and experiments. The shop windows are illuminated with two spotlights (6° beam angle, 4W). The entire front space is intended for the presentation of projects, oneoffs, lighting objects as well as to hold meetings and smaller events. The total power consumption for the studio is with 228W highly economical (4,3W/sq metres).