Aleksandra Stratimirovic: Transmission

25th February 2021

Transmission is a site-specific light artwork created by Aleksandra Stratimirovic in 2020 for the World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station in Sweden.

Grimeton Radio Station is an early longwave transatlantic wireless telegraphy station built in 1922-1924, that has been preserved as a historical site. It is the only remaining example of an early pre-electronic radio transmitter technology, called an Alexanderson alternator. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004.

The transmitter is still in operational condition, and each year on a day called Alexanderson Day is started up and transmits brief Morse code test transmissions, which can be received all over Europe.

Transmission consists of two laser projections mounted at the height of 127-metres, on the top of the one of the Radio Station’s colossal towers. Green laser beams make the Radio Station’s imaginary communication visible. Light movement in the form of varying frequencies transmits messages in slow rhythmic sequences, pulsating in the Morse code intervals.

Photos: Tomasz Zurek
Music: Leonel Kaplan