Christopher Bauder, Creative Director, WHITEvoid Studio, Germany

arc is one of the few magazines I read regularly and from start to finish. It always contains a wonderful selection of beautiful lighting projects, paired with deep insights on the latest technological developments. arc magazine is something of a bible for the international lighting scene.”

Emma Cronin, Marketing Communications and Events Coordinator, Zumtobel

arc is an industry leading and highly respected magazine within the lighting community. The projects featured are always of the highest standard and we are very proud to be associated with this inspirational magazine!”

Gerd Pfarré, Principal, pfarré lighting design, Germany

“We like the quality of the featured projects. arc is bright and truly international, issue by issue.”

Darren Orrow, Director, Into Lighting, UK

“I have been an avid follower of arc magazine since its launch in the 90s. For me, it has always maintained its position as the leading international architectural lighting publication, and its associated events are a must visit. The project profiles and accompanying list of product and manufacturers used continues to build my resource for international projects.”

Jutta Lichter, Director of Marketing, LED Linear

“To me, arc, with its lovely and professional team is the perfect symbiosis of inspiration and passion. Each issue is unrivalled in its uniqueness. From a brand perspective, the magazine is a bull’s eye for the lighting design community. We are very proud to present our innovations and products on the back cover of arc.”

Michael Grubb, IALD, Creative Director, Michael Grubb Studio, UK

“Every lighting designer should read arc. In fact, anyone associated with light should read it. It is visually stimulating with in-depth articles on design approach and technology. My team are always proud when they see their work published.”

Victor Palacio, IALD, Director, Ideas en Luz, Mexico

arc is a way to stay in open connection with the lighting design community; I feel a member of this family and appreciate the warm perspective put in every article. I love the printed edition!”

Sharon Maghnagi, Director, formalighting, Hong Kong

“The team at arc quite simply go above and beyond. Continually creating new opportunities for enhanced visibility with complimentary additions such as arc TV,  social media channels, video enabled adverts and unparalleled virtual networking platforms. Their international reach, participation in practically EVERY industry event, magazine features and supportive team makes them a force to be reckoned with. I love to see a copy of the latest issue in the offices of lighting designers, knowing that’s where we have been featured.”

Chiara Carucci, Founder, Chiara Carucci Lighting Design, Italy

“Reading arc every two months is an awaited pleasure! As lighting designers we find inspiration and state-of-the-art design, as well as technical solutions. Each article is a push to improve our design, and raise awareness of the importance of our profession (especially since so many architects read it). Every piece about my design is an award.”

Kaoru Mende, Principal, Lighting Planners Associates, Japan

“I can meet many valuable friends and masters through arc. For me it is the forum for professional lighting experts worldwide. Its articles about lighting design will enable our profession to be much bigger and stronger.”

Keith Bradshaw, Director, Speirs Major, UK

“Whenever I visit the architects that we are working with, I invariably see arc on their desks and in their receptions. That’s a true sign that arc is well respected by the architectural community and is being delivered to the top architects in the world.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Karolina M. Zielinska-Dabkowska, Creative Director, Designs4People, Switzerland / Co-Director, GUT LightLab, Poland

arc is my main source of information on various aspects on lighting design: design projects, in-depth interviews with esteemed lighting designers, technological inventions, current events in lighting community, awards and many more. I am thankful to be contributor to the magazine with my research articles over the past few years.”

Eleftheria Deko, Founder, Eleftheria Deko and Associates, Greece

arc is more than a magazine for professionals in lighting. It is a community of friends that share their passion in light, a community that inspires, supports and enlightens our field. I am a big fan of arc, I am really proud of being in its archive and I feel so honoured to be recipient of the ultimate [d]arc award this year. It’s a challenge and a promise for continuous evolution and revolution.”

Mônica Luz Lobo, IALD, Creative Director, LD Studio, Brazil

“To me it is a happy moment when I receive this BIG and BOLD magazine, filled with inspirations and high quality lighting information.”

Paul Traynor, Head of Light Bureau, UK

arc magazine has become a benchmark publication in international lighting design. The project write-ups and interviews are always a good read and the [d]arc events have become pretty legendary now too.”

Brian Stacy, Lighting Principal, Americas Region – Arup, USA

“Around the office arc is a must read by not only Lighting Designers, but other disciplines as well. We love the wide angle view of great projects and technology, with the right mix of material about the personalities in and around the industry.”

Sally Storey, Founding Director, Lighting Design International, UK

“The full bleed of imagery is truly powerful. The creativity of displaying the work of such multinational designers is sure to inspire all who reads arc. I am proud to see that we too can sometimes be seen between the pages.”

Dean Skira, Founder, Skira Architectural Lighting, Croatia

“As the world descends in an unpredictable direction, we need more of what arc magazine offers. arc communicates the beauty of designed light worldwide and its brightness on every page. Regardless of the outcome, the light is here to stay, and I hope that arc magazine will continue to lead and promote good lighting in our professional community and beyond.”

Liz West, Liz West Studio, UK

arc has been a massive supporter and inspiration for me and my work since I happily discovered it years ago. Through the magazine, events and [d]arc awards, I have met so many wonderful, like-minded creatives and had many fruitful conversations about light and life.”