All about the journey: Silhouette Awards Fay Greenhalgh and Annabelle Hill

15th December 2023

Ahead of the deadline for applications for “Season Three” of the Silhouette Awards, Mentor and Mentee Fay Greenhalgh and Annabelle Hill, who were paired for the 2023 programme, reflect on their experience together.

As the six-month mentorship programme for the second annual Silhouette Awards draws to a close, aspiring mentees for season three are encouraged to submit their applications to meet the December deadline for this fantastic mentoring opportunity.

Launched in 2021, the Silhouette Awards programme rewards and nurtures emerging talent within the lighting industry through recognition and mentorship. Through its selection process, the awards programme pairs promising junior designers with senior lighting professionals for a transformative six-month mentorship opportunity.

Established by Parrot PR and Marketing and Archifos, the Silhouette Awards are dedicated to enhancing the skillsets of talented individuals, advancing their career aspirations, and elevating the industry’s creativity. They aim to set new standards for industry leadership while facilitating learning from established figures in the field.

As the six-month mentorship programme for the second edition of the awards concludes, we take a moment to reflect on the journey of one mentor-mentee pairing, Fay Greenhalgh, Design Director, and Annabelle Hill, Lighting Designer.

Fay Greenhalgh

Having built a successful career in the lighting design industry, mentoring young talents has always been a fulfilling pursuit for me. The Silhouette Awards offer a unique platform for guiding emerging lighting designers in discovering their true paths. My mentee, lighting designer Annabelle Hill, possessed undeniable potential, with a diverse background spanning civil engineering, construction, project management, fine art, and lighting art installations. Our journey aimed to unlock her full potential and help her find her true calling.

Our collaboration was marked by shared enthusiasm, candid discussions, and a realisation that Annabelle’s true passion lay in her artistic expressions. We decided to shift our focus toward her artwork and entrepreneurial nature, a journey that showcased adaptability and the beauty of aligning with one’s true calling.

Annabelle has now founded Mindful Designs, unveiling unique surface design patterns inspired by her lighting research, and is crafting lighting art installations as an independent artist. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the courage to make bold decisions.

Annabelle Hill

During my time in the Silhouette Awards programme, I had the privilege of being mentored by Fay Greenhalgh, whose experience and guidance were invaluable as I delved into the creative world of lighting design. While we explored diverse opportunities, my heart led me in a slightly different direction.

My artwork, a facet of my identity I’ve treasured, emerged as a newfound focus. Fay’s steadfast belief in my capabilities gave me the courage to pursue this path. A decision both challenging and rewarding. Throughout this mentorship I was also kindly sponsored by LED Luks to attend and present my lighting research on biophilic lighting projections and brainwaves at the CIE conference in Slovenia. Afterwards, I had the unique opportunity to be a part of the LED Luks 10-year anniversary, where I visited its manufacturing facilities and was also welcomed to present my research.

Under Fay’s mentorship, I learned it’s not just about a profession, but about aligning with one’s passions. Inspired and supported, I’ve now founded Mindful Designs, where I’ll be unveiling unique surface design patterns, inspired by my lighting pattern research, for many applications from lighting projects to interior decor.

Concurrently, I’m crafting lighting art installations, including the Watery Perceptions installation for the Aarhus Festuge, with preparations underway for the Copenhagen Light Festival 2024 as an independent artist, including installations Liminal Spaces and Our Consciousness.

Season Three

Applications for the season three programme closed on 11 December, with winners to be announced soon. The selected 20 mentees will embark on a six-month mentorship journey individually guided by one of the 20 mentors. With the support of the Silhouette Awards’ impressive array of sponsors and supporters, the winners will have the opportunity to enhance their skillset, pursue their career ambitions, and elevate the industry’s creativity.

Entries can be submitted by designers with eight years of experience or under within the lighting industry, who believe their talent should be recognised, and who wish to benefit from a bespoke mentorship programme led by an expert panel of judges. The Mentors comprise of senior influential lighting designers who are on the lookout to nurture young talent and help other like-minded individuals benefit from their own personal experiences.

The process for mentee applications is straightforward:

1. Complete the application form.

2. Upload a 3-minute (max) video recording.

3. Submit a short biography (max 200 words).

4. Upload your professional headshot.

The current mentees are receiving much-deserved recognition and publicity for their achievements to date, adding real value to the creativity of the industry while raising the bar for talent to steer and lead the industry in years to come.