Amsterdam Light Festival at Amsterdam UMC

Pic: Janus van den Eijnden

(Netherlands) – ‘Today I Love You’ light-art was installed at Amsterdam UMC by Amsterdam Light Festival.

Amsterdam Light Festival, in collaboration with Light Art Collection, has installed a light-art piece on the walls of Amsterdam UMC with the message ‘Today I Love You’.

The artwork was created by Italian artists Massimo Uberti and Marco Pollice for the fourth edition of the festival in 2015-16, but has been re-introduced due to the message being more relevant than ever, now.

According the Amsterdam Light Festival, the artwork conveys: “A message with enlightening words for all people who work hard, day and night, to help others and for those who are themselves affected by the virus. These magical words are now more than ever, welcomed and invite passers-by to say them out loud every day.

“With the artwork, Amsterdam Light Festival would like to thank medical personnel all over the world for all their hard work. The message is also a reminder to everyone to take good care of themselves and those around them.

“Thanks to the artists and Light Art Collection, the work could be placed as a statement of support.”