Issue 104

Jun/Jul 2018

arc Jun/Jul 2018 – Issue 104

And now for something completely different. This year’s darc room and darc awards / architectural are ready to roll

I am writing this (slightly fuzzy-headed) the day after an incredible night at the iconic Fabric nightclub in London where the darc awards / decorative, organised by our sister magazine darc, came to its triumphant conclusion. It was an unprecedented success and proof that our unconventional approach to events is what you want to see. With no time to rest on our laurels, this week saw the launch of darc awards / architectural, which this year will take place in December, and darc room, our two-day lighting exhibition in the heart of London’s Shoreditch design district, as part of London Design Festival in September.

The entry period for darc awards / architectural is now open and I hope that you will all participate. Our awards is the only industry programme that involves peer-to-peer voting so it’s a great way to get your projects and products the exposure that they deserve. This year’s event will take place on 6th December at MC Motors, London. We have all mourned the demise of the industry Christmas party so this year we decided to organise our own! As usual, all independent lighting designers who vote in the awards get a free ticket to come to the party. Suppliers have to pay a hefty fee so why not become a sponsor to really benefit from the exposure you get from creating your own installation with a top lighting design practice.

darc room was also launched this week with over 20 suppliers already signed up as exhibitors (see for a list of participants so far) and a great educational workshop and seminar programme being curated by our friends, Light Collective. This year we have moved the event to Shoreditch High Street in the heart of the Shoreditch Design Triangle and we continue to make lighting specification an integral part of London Design Festival.

It will be a two-day event on 19th and 20th September with social activities on both evenings. As with last year, every exhibitor gets the same ‘pod’ space so specifiers get to see products displayed in an accessible way.

Our events portfolio is proof that awards and exhibitions do not have to be dull affairs dominated by corporate suppliers. These events are for everyone and the invite is open for all of you to participate. Let’s have some fun!

Paul James