Arsenale Nord, Venice, Italy

8th August 2023

Arsenale Nord is a significant historical site located in Venice, Italy. It is part of the larger Arsenale di Venezia (Venetian Arsenal), which was once one of the largest and most renowned shipyards in the world. Arsenale di Venezia played a crucial role in Venice’s maritime power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The Arsenale was established in the 12th century as a state-of-the-art shipyard and naval depot for the Venetian Republic. It quickly became the heart of Venetian naval power, where warships and merchant vessels were built, repaired, and equipped. The Arsenale’s strategic importance played a significant role in Venice’s dominance as a maritime superpower for centuries.

LICLLAB has illuminated Arsenale Nord, using a custom-designed light product. The project demonstrates the seamless integration of artistic creativity, advanced technology, and sustainability to transform the historic site into a mesmerising visual spectacle. The company took up the challenge and crafted an extraordinary light product tailored to meet the specific needs of the iconic landmark. Its design team conducted in-depth research on Arsenale Nord’s historical significance, architectural features, and lighting requirements, collaborating closely with historians, architects, and local authorities to ensure a thoughtful and respectful design approach.

The system integrated smart controls and dynamic lighting effects to adjust brightness, colour, and intensity based on different events and occasions, transforming the site into a versatile canvas for artistic expression.

LICLLAB worked closely with heritage experts, structural engineers, and conservationists to ensure the lighting system’s installation didn’t compromise the integrity of the site. The team also employed advanced lighting simulations and mockups to assess the visual impact before the final implementation. The integration of dynamic lighting controls allowed for thematic displays during special events, festivals, and cultural celebrations, breathing new life into the site.

The results of the project were met with widespread acclaim from locals, tourists, and architectural enthusiasts alike. The lighting design enhanced the appreciation of Arsenale Nord’s architectural heritage while minimising energy consumption and light pollution.

LICLLAB’s commitment to sustainability extended beyond the design phase. The light product utilised energy-efficient LED technology, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to conventional lighting systems. Furthermore, the smart controls and dynamic lighting effects allowed for optimised energy usage based on the site’s specific needs, contributing to greener and more eco-friendly illumination.

The project serves as a testament to the power of innovative lighting solutions to transform historical landmarks into captivating artistic expressions, inspiring a new generation of architectural lighting design.