Australian artists release new book on light art

25th August 2022

(Australia) – Sydney-based artists Ruth McDermott and Ben Baxter are releasing a new book that showcases their innovative and award-winning work in urban light art.

Entitled Between Dark & Light: the light art of Ruth McDermott & Ben Baxter, the book documents more than a decade of their light installation works, brought to life with stunning photography, contributor commentary and reflections from the artists themselves/

The book takes a special focus on the technical aspects of creating, mounting, and displaying their large-scale light installation works, which have been present at Sydney’s Vivid festivals since 2009.

It also examines the history of light art, giving new insight into how the emergence of LED technology in the early 21st century has shaped both design and art practices. As pioneers of urban LED light art, McDermott and Baxter’s work has evolved in tandem with LED technology over the past 10 years, and readers can see how this relationship has enhanced their practice and journey as artists.

Known for creating intriguing site-specific narratives with the landscapes and histories of Sydney, McDermott and Baxter give readers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the artistic process for 18 of their larger installations, giving new meaning to their highly celebrated works and shedding light on how the pair explore the interaction between materials and natural, artificial and found light sources.

The book will be available from UTS ePress from 30 August 2022.