BDP opens first USA studio

7th September 2022

(USA) – BDP has officially opened a new studio in New York City – its first studio in the USA.

With the opening of the new studio, the practice is now actively operating in the American market, expanding on its existing business to design some of the USA’s future residential developments, retail centres, education buildings, offices and media campuses.

As a global, multidisciplinary practice, BDP hopes to bring designs to the USA market that help investors, developers and occupiers meet environmental, social and governance targets.

Nick Fairham, Chief Executive at BDP, said: “As a continuous collective of socially conscious designers, we are building on our legacy of people-centred, multidisciplinary design and we are excited to bring our practice to New York City, where we can merge development opportunities, world class building design and real social value.

“Our unique ability to adapt and problem solve means we are perfectly placed to bring this kind of unique and important thinking to the city. We want to help design places that bring a better, healthier quality of life for people who live in America’s diverse, active and beautiful cities.”

Rosalind Tsang, BDP’s New York City studio director, added: “Our dynamic multidisciplinary structure combined with more than 60 years international experience gives us a unique insight into the greatest challenges that cities like New York face. Today, our urban environments call for a design approach that cultivates social impact and responds to the climate emergency. BDP has an exceptional track record in these areas across the globe, and we see the opening of our New York City studio as an opportunity to expand our vision to create places that promote wellbeing, inclusivity and sustainable futures.”