Central Plaza Building, Brussels, Belgium

10th January 2023

As part of the rejuvenation of Brussels’ Central Plaza Building,  fixtures from GVA Lighting help to emphasise its height and exterior appearance.

The Central Plaza Building in Brussels is a striking office building spanning a footprint of 23,000sqm. With a prominent position located near to the Central Station, it is easily accessible by public transportation as well as by car. It is also close to the central square of the city, the Grand-Place.

The building’s owner, AG Real Estate, decided to refresh the building’s architecture with a light project. Having worked with GVA Lighting on a number of previous projects, AG Real Estate engaged them to deliver the rejuvenation of the Central Plaza Building.

The GVA Lighting solutions were specified and delivered by their partner, Euroka SRL. Euroka SRL also fulfilled the role of project designer. WiiZZ Group SRL was appointed as the installation company for the project.

The brief was open for GVA Lighting to make suggestions and recommendations as to how the Central Plaza Building could be enhanced through light. GVA Lighting provided a variety of plans and designs, from which the client could choose the option they most favoured.

As part of this design stage, the client provided GVA Lighting with a budget to work to. To meet this, the number of fixtures in the chosen scheme was adjusted – delivering the desired design, while also being within budget.

The Highlighter HL-DL-NICHE-RGBW40K with Flat diffuser was selected from GVA Lighting’s extensive portfolio. The Highlighter HL-DL is a modular direct view architectural delineation LED lighting system, available in a range of monochromatic or colour changing configurations with varied mounting profile and diffuser options.

Each length of the Highlighter solution is 2,400mm, creating sleek lines that run vertically and emphasise the height of the building. The luminaires are all controlled via DMX, using a Pharos controller.

Damien Lamarche, CEO and Lighting Specialist at Euroka SRL, said: “The Central Plaza Building is a notable landmark in the centre of Brussels, particularly thanks to its prime location near to other key sites.

“The lighting scheme for the structure shows what can be achieved through light; enhancing the existing architecture and making more of what exists already, without having to commit to an overwhelming budget.

“The Central Plaza Building now looks even more iconic during hours of darkness, working in synchronicity with the glass structure to deliver a stunning result.”