Cibap Vocational College, Zwolle, Netherlands

10th January 2023

To highlight the creativity of the students inside, fixtures from Acclaim Lighting bring a vibrant wash of light to the exterior of Cibap Vocational College.

The college for creativity in the Netherlands is Cibap Vocational College in Zwolle. Cibap is a creative arts secondary vocational education college that offers creative courses for 1,800 students. Its mission is to help students develop at the very highest level in creative, entrepreneurial and technical fields.

With its ability to equip its students with the skills they need to establish their careers, the creative industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the Netherlands for many years. This includes training as a media designer, filmmaker, sign maker, international creative business developer, and many more.

To match the creativity inside of the classrooms, the vocational college wanted to demonstrate its creativity outside of the buildings. From 2009 to 2016, the college’s facilities had undergone various renovation and new construction activities. In 2021, Jan Spoor of DEA Events, located in Kampen, was asked by the college to assist with making all the buildings on the campus connect as one with light.

“The college wanted the lighting to unify the exterior of its buildings,” said Spoor. “To accomplish that task, we needed an exterior lighting system that could provide dynamic, customised colour schemes that would tastefully demonstrate creativity at the highest level.”

Spoor and his team specified Flex Tube Pixel; a flexible, direct view LED strip developed by Acclaim Lighting that features RGB control of every 4.9-inch (125mm) section. Developed for virtually any interior or exterior lighting application, Flex Tube Pixel has an impact-resistant body that can be ordered to length to suit project requirements for customised lighting applications. It is IP68-rated for wet applications, submersible up to three feet, and will perform in temperatures of -40° to 131°F.

Flex Tube provides a wide 134° beam angle, operates off of 24-volt DC power, and is controlled with Pixel Driver 1, Acclaim’s unique DMX to SPI driver. It provides 85 lumens while consuming only 3.65 watts of power per foot.

“Flex Tube Pixel enabled us to develop custom lighting schemes without the college worrying about the long-term performance and the energy costs of the system,” added Spoor.

More than 135 meters of Acclaim Flex Tube Pixel has been mounted on the different outer shapes of the various buildings. Together with Acclaim pixel drivers and APS power supplies, the new lighting system is making a “creative” impression on the community.