Codega Award Committee announced

(Italy) – The Codega Award, held in Venice on October 19, will feature a committee of qualified experts from across the lighting industry.

Lighting designers, manufacturers and architects will meet at the beautiful Ca’ Zen in Venice, Italy on October 19 for the International Codega Award.

The Codega Award aims at spreading the culture of light and the related aspects of creativity and quality that are linked to smart lighting, recognising ‘Human Centric’ approaches towards wellbeing.

The Prize is promoted and organised by international associations such as Assodel (Italian Federation of Electronics Clusters), in partnership with IDEA (International Distribution of Electronics Association). Some of the candidates of the latest editions include: Acte Lumière, ACTLD, AF Lighting, Artec3, Arup, KSLD, LichtVision, Licht Kunst Licht, Pfarrè Lighting, Michael Grubb, Skira, NS Webb Australia.

The Codega Prize covers two categories; Lighting Design – to recognise the best independent lighting designers and professionals’ projects or installations, and Lighting Solutions – to recognise the best LED solutions/systems and luminaries.

Both categories underline the innovative dimension of lighting design, where there must be creativity but also technological research, development of customised solutions and positive results in terms of energy efficiency and human wellbeing.

The Codega Award committee includes qualified experts from lighting and electronics sectors:

  • Silvio Baronchelli – President of Assodel
  • Stefano Catucci – Director of Lighting Design Master at La Sapienza University of Roma
  • Paul James – Editor in Chief of arc
  • Francesco Iannone – Lighting designer
  • Massimo Malaguti – former Director of Univeneto
  • Fabio Peron – Teacher at IUAV University of Venice
  • Thomas Roemhild – Professor at the University of Wismar, Course Director Architectural Lighting Design
  • Maurizio Rossi – Director of Lighting Design & LED Technology Master at Politecnico of Milan
  • Esther Torello – Editor of Lightecture
  • Paola Urbano – Lighting Designer, Co-founder of APIL and Member of its Board