Concept Light CL-PROFILE LED

Patented by Concept Light, CL-PROFILE LED is a waterproof projector for image projection and creative light framing. Available in two versions: zoom 18/31° or 60° wide angle, the projector also has different colour temperatures to choose from.

With CL-PROFILE LED, the architect, lighting designer or communication director can achieve accurate framing with illumination of all facades, for example of historical or modern monuments.

Offering no spill light or unwanted glare, the luminaire boasts a substantial economy of electrical energy. A customised lighting effect can be achieved using Concept Light’s range of regular catalogue gobos as well as specially designed ones.

CL-PROFILE LED also features a specific development driver, power LED available from 160W-200W and is IP65 rated. Come Autumn, an RGBW version will be available.