DALI Alliance reveals winners of DALI Lighting Awards 2022

11th April 2023

(USA) – The DALI Alliance (DiiA), the global industry organisation for DALI lighting control, has revealed the winners of the DALI Lighting Awards 2022.

The standard of entries within each of the eight categories was exceptionally high, and the awards recognise the best use of DALI lighting control applications and solutions around the globe. The international judging panel of lighting designers, lighting magazine editors, and representatives from global lighting organisations picked eight projects as well-deserved winners.

The winner in the Architectural & Entertainment category was Tridonic Middle East, for its work on the Expo 2020 entry portals in Dubai, UAE. The lighting system used dynamic colour mixing to provide the desired effects in the vast portals, which are 21-metres tall, 30-metres long, and 10.5-metres wide. DALI was used due to its advanced dimming and daylight sensing features, interoperability, and its ability to reduce maintenance costs.

The Healthcare & Education award went to Delmatic, for its work at University College London (UCL) Hospital in London, UK. DALI lighting management systems extend throughout the hospital’s 34,500sqm building, which comprises six floors above ground and five below. The energy-efficient DALI system manages and monitors around 17,500 DALI assets, and incorporates comprehensive DALI emergency light testing and monitoring.

Synapse Wireless triumphed in the Industrial category for its work on the Uline Store C6 project in Ontario, California. Lighting for the 1 million square foot warehouse is all controlled from a single lighting dashboard, with lights responding to commands in less than a second. DALI was chosen due to the rich features of the D4i LED drivers, which provide asset management and power monitoring. In turn this allows the customer to achieve energy rebates and meet strict energy codes.

Delmatic also won the Infrastructure category for its work on the Elizabeth Line, a new 118km high-speed rail network in London, UK. This is Europe’s largest infrastructure project, and uses more than 35,000 DALI assets to illuminate the stations. DALI optimises efficiency, safety, and aesthetics, while providing the flexibility and versatility needed to meet the stringent and complex lighting requirements of the project.

The winner of the Outdoor category is Signify for its street lighting renewal project in Algeciras, Spain. A total of 5,600 light points have been updated throughout the city, and technicians can now remotely control Zhaga-D4i luminaires from multiple manufacturers with a single control system. The new LED lighting system has enabled the city to cut its energy usage by more than 50%, a reduction of 1261 tons of CO2 per year and a saving of almost half a million Euros.

Sunricher won the Residential category for its work on the Taiziwan High-end Building in Shenzhen, China. The building has 33 floors and a total of 158 households, and uses a DALI lighting scheme connected with a KNX bus control system for intelligent building control. DALI can individually control or flexibly group different lighting units on the DALI bus. DALI was chosen for its easy management, straightforward installation, and accurate, stable and smooth dimming control.

Delmatic completed its triple success with the Retail & Hospitality award, for a project at Battersea Power Station in London, UK. Delmatic’s DALI-2 lighting system integrates control of normal, specialist and emergency lighting across the project.  Lighting scenarios can be configured to precisely suit the individual requirements within the various spaces. DALI was chosen due to its flexibility, energy efficiency, emergency lighting capabilities, and dimming and colour control.

Finally, the Workspaces category was won by Bluebottle, for its work on the 83 Pirie Street offices in Adelaide, Australia. This involved around 9,000 DALI devices in the 22-level office tower, with DALI used for the control of all light fittings. DALI was selected due to its flexibility and ease of wiring; bringing all assets onto the DALI bus greatly reduced the wiring complexity, and offered cost savings over traditional bus systems.

Find out more about the winners by visiting our website at www.dali-alliance.org/awards2022, and watch for the launch of the DALI Lighting Awards 2023 later this year.