[d]arc sessions inspires Rako to highlight sustainability in new brochure

1st March 2023

(UK) – Rako has launched an environmentally friendly new brochure for 2023; featuring insights, products, technical information and case studies, the brochure offers an overview of the Rako product range, including multiple user interfaces.

The application of Rako’s products and wired and wireless systems are also demonstrated through helpful illustrations and project examples.

Conscious that print material can be less desirable these days, Rako were keen to create a considered piece that was sustainably produced, while portraying the luxury and quality of the Rako brand. The finished brochure is printed on recycled paper stock and is a carbon neutral print product. It is also wrapped in a compostable sleeve, which can be disposed of with food waste or in a compost bin.

The decision came after Rako attended [d]arc sessions – an event in which sustainability was a core focal point.

Peter Broome, Director at Rako, comments: “[d]arc sessions really inspired us to shout a little more about what we are doing at Rako to improve our products and processes to be more sustainable. It was evident from our meetings with lighting designers and specifiers at [d]arc sessions that sustainability was incredibly important to them and their clients across the globe.

“Sourcing and recommending sustainably produced products that have longevity are a key criteria for these specifiers. Whilst we had been doing much to be greener for some time, we are grateful to [d]arc sessions for helping us realise this and subsequently communicate these pledges to our clients. Without participating at [d]arc sessions in Mykonos and Ras Al Khaimah, our awareness and understanding of just how much sustainability matters to this audience would not have been realised. We look forward to the next [d]arc sessions in Croatia with vigour and enthusiasm.”

Within the brochure, Rako has highlighted the ongoing initiatives it is doing to lessen its impact on the environment, which include removing polystyrene chips, bubble wrap, and plastic tape from its consignment packaging and replacing them with recycled paper alternatives. Currently, 79% of the company leased vehicles are either fully electric or hybrid, and the company offers employees a ride to work scheme to support employees who are within cycling distance.

By Spring 2023, solar panels will also be installed across Rako’s offices and manufacturing facility, increasing its use of green energy. All of the initiatives can be found within the brochure, available to view on the Rako website here.