[d]arc thoughts: Episode 4 | Light Pollution & the Dark Sky Movement

15th June 2020

In the latest [d]arc thoughts video, arc Editor Matt Waring opens up the discussion on light pollution and the Dark Sky Movement with a panel of experts including: Kerem Asfuroglu, Dark Source, Sibylle Shroer, IGB, Christopher Kyba, GFZ and Georgia MacMillan, Mayo Dark Skies.
In this video, the panelists address the problems associated with light pollution and why it is a growing issue, before proposing some solutions for lighting designers and city planners going forward.

Animation courtesy of Dark Source (instagram.com/darksourced/)
Animation music: Harry Wills (instagram.com/harrywillsmusic/)

Christopher Kyba: Phil Dera
Sibylle Schroer: D. Außenhofer

Video edited by Matt Waring
Music from bensound.com