Flight Club, Perth, Australia

10th January 2023

Australia’s first ever Flight Club bar features a lively and vibrant lighting scheme, powered by Pharos Architectural Controls.

In the heart of Perth, Western Australia, the country’s first Flight Club bar has opened. Located in the city’s Central Business District, this two-storey bar celebrates the eclectic nature of the British fairground. With vintage wallpaper, a merry-go round horse, retro amusement park lighting and ‘objet d’art’ sourced from UK flea markets, the venue is fun and fascinating.

The unique entertainment in Flight Club centres around the ubiquitous dart boards that offer a range of fast and exciting multi-player games. The darts are set up for everyone’s enjoyment, from novices to experts – it’s about socialising and getting into the spirit of the game.

The lighting is an integral part of the experience at Flight Club, creating an inviting atmosphere and enhancing the whimsical setting while actively responding to particular actions occurring in the space. Integrated solutions provider, bluebottle, was appointed to develop a lighting control solution for this dynamic venue.

To deliver the control elements of the lighting, bluebottle collaborated with Pharos Architectural Controls. As proud Pharos partners, bluebottle understood the flexibility and power of Pharos’ solutions that made them perfect for Flight Club’s unique requirements.

A RIO A (Remote Input Output Audio) device provides the ability to beat match music and lighting sequences in perfect harmony. Thanks to the RIO A, flashing effects are also triggered when a customer hits the dart board bullseye. The Pharos solution works in harmony with Signify Dynalite, utilising elements like the Timeclock, which automatically changes scenes to subtly transition the venue mood, while also reducing power costs.

The Pharos RIO A provides a convenient and scalable way to add audio integration to a Pharos Designer system. Installation is easy and convenient through the use of just a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network connection, and the stereo balanced line level audio input supports auto or manual gain. This makes it adaptable for the needs of each individual project.

Chay Moran, WA State Manager at bluebottle said: “We love unique projects like Flight Club. When it came to the complex technical requirements involved, we knew Pharos was the right solution. The RIO A is easy to use, reliable and flexible while delivering powerful performance.”

Tony Symms, Regional Manager at Pharos Architectural Controls, added: “Flight Club is an innovative venue with a lively atmosphere. The lighting is a key part of the enjoyment, adding to the ambience and playing an integral role in the overall experience. Our RIO A seamlessly matches the music to the lighting, bringing a harmony to all of the experiential elements of Flight Club.”