Gustavo Avilés inducted into the IALD College of Fellows

9th November 2023

(Canada) – Gustavo Avilés was inducted into the IALD College of Fellows by the International Association of Lighting Designers during the opening session of the IALD Enlighten Americas 2023 annual conference in Banff, Canada last week.

IALD Fellows are recognised for their achievements in lighting design and education and their service to the profession and the association. Those awarded with the designation must have been professional members of IALD for 10 years, have made significant contributions to the IALD, demonstrated leadership in the profession through a robust body of work and advanced knowledge of lighting design.

Avilés is known worldwide for his influential work in the field of architectural lighting. With a career spanning over 40 years, Avilés is the founding director of the multiple award-winning architectural lighting design studio Lighteam, a member of the National System of Creators, the National Academy of Architecture, and a core member of The Lighting Detectives. He also founded the Postgraduate Lighting Design Program at the National Autonomous University of México and was the IALD’s opening speaker for the 2015 International Year of Light conference in Paris.

He has served on the IALD Board of Directors for two terms, been a member of the IALD Education Trust, a champion for the establishment of the IALD México Chapter, and a two-time winner of IALD International Lighting Design Awards, in 2011 for the Hotel Encanto project, and in 2014 for the Memorial to the Victims of Violence project.

Avilés has made significant contributions to the way light is used in various environments, ranging from public spaces to private residences. His exceptional designs are characterised by their ability to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of spaces through the thoughtful application of light.