28th June 2017

(Canada) – GVA Lighting has announced that it is expanding into a new headquarters in Oakville, Ontario.

As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, GVA Lighting announces a new expansion that will help meet its long-established goal of creating landmark architectural lighting projects worldwide.

Founder and President, Vladimir Grigorik, announced on June 1, 2017 that GVA will be expanding from its current Mississauga plant to a new headquarters in nearby Oakville, Ontario. The new 110,000sqft plant will enable GVA to quadruple production for supply of its innovative lighting technologies to some of the world’s biggest structures and new construction projects.

“Our goal is to build a perfect, world-class engineering, production and office facility that is suitable for GVA’s next 10 years,” said Grigorik.

“It’s normal for a business to say, ‘We’re excited about this leap forward.’ But in this case, our clients are just as excited. GVA has been participating in more and more sizeable projects that have tested our maximum production capacity, so architects, builders and lighting designers are delighted that we will be in a better position to serve projects of any size.

“As our clients continue to innovate with new lighting designs that push the boundaries, we will soon be announcing new contracts and technologies that will truly advance the art and science of architectural lighting,” he added.

After eight years in its current Mississauga location, GVA Lighting expects to move into its new headquarters, in eastern Oakville, beside Highway 403, by the end of this year.

According to Grigorik, the new facility offers GVA many new and exciting opportunities: As the business grows, the new space will allow the GVA team to double in size, to more than 200 people. Meanwhile, the additional production space will allow GVA to undertake bigger, more complex projects.

The renovated building will also offer more space for offices, meeting rooms and upgraded employee facilities, including a climate-controlled production floor.

“When people spend eight hours a day with you, you want them to be more than comfortable, you want them to feel at home,” continued Grigorik. “We want to create a work environment that lets them flourish.”

GVA’s new offices will include a large-scale showroom to demonstrate its lighting products and technologies in a unique way.

“But in a sense,” added Grigorik, “the whole building – inside and out – will be a showcase. Visitors will see our products on display within the interior of the office as well as on the exterior façade. GVA’s vision is ‘To Create New Beauty for our Home Planet.’ Finally, we get to do that for our own neighborhood.”