Harvard Technology marks 25th anniversary with product development plans

(UK) – The investment in its R&D and new LED products comes as part of Harvard Technology’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

Harvard Technology is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a renewed investment in Research & Development (R&D) and plans to launch several new LED lighting products in 2018.

Over the past two decades, the company has launched a number of wireless connected lighting solutions including LeafNut, CoolLED programmable drivers, EyeNut and more recently the CoolLED Pro range – the next generation of the CoolLED range, which has achieved 10 million units sold worldwide.

Investing in R&D is a cornerstone of the company’s strategy, with Harvard Technology continuing its commitment to designing and manufacturing lighting solutions utilising leading edge LED technology.

The company will unveil a number of new lighting products throughout the remainder of 2018, including fresh additions to the CoolLED Pro range of LED drivers in the form of the CLi 40W DALI and the CLi15W Analogue drivers, as well as some significant enhancements to the emergency range, including the DALI self-test combined emergency driver and DALI self-test maintained emergency driver, plus much more.

Russell Fletcher, commercial director of Harvard Technology, commented: “During 2018 we will be investing heavily in new product development to increase the functionality and advanced features incorporated in our product ranges. This investment will give OEMs and specifiers more flexible lighting solutions that meet application-specific demands.

“We have also taken on board the feedback we have received from our customers and made a cultural shift back to our core values, which will focus on meeting customer requirements, developing quality leading edge products and delivering a best in class service for our OEM customers.”