Horlicks Chimney, Slough, UK

11th January 2023

Following refurbishment to the old Horlicks factory in Slough, UK, Tryka has paid tribute to the site’s heritage by illuminating its iconic chimney.

Tryka was selected to provide the LED lighting to illuminate the iconic chimney in the refurbishment of the Horlicks factory. The old Horlicks factory site in Slough has recently been renovated by Berkeley Homes into modern housing. The 10-year project saw the conversion of the old factory into 1,300 new homes. A key feature of the factory was the historical 46-metre-high chimney, which is a focal beacon of light for the community.

Working in collaboration with Light Bureau, Tryka provided a complete turnkey solution to dynamically illuminate the chimney. The brief was to evenly illuminate the length of the chimney from one single base position, however due to the height of the chimney, standard grazing from a linear fixture would not achieve this.

Tryka came up with an innovative solution, which involved stacking two rows of Stripline 69 high output linear in tandem, utilising two different beam patterns to create the even illumination of the chimney length from top to bottom. To house the Stripline linear products, Tryka created bespoke adjustable arm brackets to allow the fittings to be tilted to direct the light upwards.

Michael Robinson, Tryka’s Specification Manager commented: “It was great to work on such a momentous project. We love a challenge here at Tryka, so when it was suggested that the tall chimney be evenly illuminated from a single spot, we got really stuck in to figuring out ways that we could make this happen. I’m glad to say that we did, and we are really happy with the way the even illumination looks.”