Ignite Fitness, Hertfordshire, UK

10th January 2023

Lighting fixtures from Tryka have helped transform a renovated warehouse into a vibrant and uplifting state-of-the-art gym.

Trkya has been specified to re-imagine a renovated warehouse that has been brought to life as a state-of-the-art gym in Hertfordshire. The vision was to create a facility that offers more than just equipment and workout areas, but cultivates a fitness hub with wellness and positivity at its core.

To resurrect this former industrial unit, comprised of concrete floors and a large open plan metal structure spanning the main floor, Ignite Fitness understood the importance of lighting in lifting the gym into the 21st century. London Lightworks was appointed to lead the way in lighting design, capturing the vision with striking schemes that honoured the technicality of the spaces.

One thing is certain, this is not your average gym – Ignite is a hub of inspiration igniting passion and fitness. In the evenings, you will find a DJ mixing your favourite workout tunes and when you need to wind down, there is a coffee shop and workout relaxation space. The lighting scheme dynamically complements this multi-faceted space, working in harmony to create function, stimulation and promote wellness.

With a lighting scheme fulfilled almost entirely of linear LED luminaires, London Lightworks knew Tryka had the breadth of solutions, underpinned by superior quality, to bring the scheme to life. The inspiration for the design was taken from the logo. The gym wanted to reflect its angular elements throughout the facility, either as a direct replication or accented to create synergy across the space. London Lightworks identified that a near-full linear lighting scheme would work perfectly.

This easy to use and flexible lighting solution, comes in many shapes, forms, and outputs. Using linear lighting products from Tryka, a subtle nod to the logo was able to be created, with angles and lines. This linear lighting scheme also honours the intricacies of the building, with multi-level ceilings and industrial metal structures. Tryka has articulated the brief through its products, using miniature profiles to perfectly balance function with form while continuing the linear theme.

From enhancing details like handrails, creating space in narrow corridors, to amplifying the architectural structure, this lighting scheme complemented both the building and brand.

Stripline45 RGBW and Linear Boa96 RGBW LEDs have been integrated into the main gym floor and studios. This allows for dynamic lighting to be used in the gym sessions themselves and also for social events. Using the DALI control scheme and DMX modules for colour change, each area has the flexibility and adaptability to create multiple scenes at the push of a button.

Parallel to these high-energy areas, the gym needed to offer zones with neutral lighting. An example of this being achieved was in the changing rooms, where Tryka Adder180 3000k, Adder120K 3000K and PRO052 were used to create calm and inviting colour temperatures.

This once industrial warehouse with very little natural light, has been transformed by London Lightworks and Tryka, illuminating this now captivating and electrifying space.