iGuzzini Launches New Light Experience and Training Centre in Bahrain

(Asia) – iGuzzini open first Light Experience and Training Centre in the Gulf region.

The first fully working iGuzzini Light Experience and Training Centre in the Gulf region has officially opened in Bahrain.

The Centre, opened on Wednesday 12th April, was launched in conjunction with iGuzzini’s longstanding distributor Al Bait, and is located within its showroom in Palace Avenue in Manama to reinforce the company’s presence and commitment to the Middle East.

The official launch included a networking reception and a series of seminars dedicated to lighting and its culture, and was held under the patronage and the presence of H.E. Domenico Bellato, Italy’s Ambassador to Bahrain.

According to Richard Holmes, Regional Director of iGuzzini Middle East: “The launch of the first iGuzzini Training Centre and Light Experience is a milestone in the history of iGuzzini Middle East and galvanises the strength and credibility of the relationship between iGuzzini and Al Bait.

“I am personally very proud of what we have created together in the true spirit of teamwork and I am sure this facility will be a real asset and a tool that will help the growth of business for all.”

The new iGuzzini Training Centre is intended to become the company’s main hub for the entire Gulf region. The space will be not only utilised for all the internal training and the team’s technical/educational activities, but will also be the company’s main educational platform in the region, with an extensive programme of workshops, seminars and lectures dedicated to the entire lighting community.

On the occasion of the space’s launch, iGuzzini, in conjunction with Al Bait, hosted an Evening of Light Entertainment. The event featured an educational programme exploring various issues related to lighting and architecture. The seminar, led by Sergio Padula, Technical Director at iGuzzini Middle East, was followed by interactive sessions in the Light Experience and Outdoor Lab.

A signature tool developed by iGuzzini, the Light Experience is the place where light can be touched, felt and experimented, as visitors are taken through a spatial and sensory journey covering a wide range of lighting effects on different materials. A dark room with the latest generation iGuzzini devices and graphic lighting displays, The Light Experience is the tangible cornerstone of the company’s mission, which aims at recognising the pivotal role of lighting as a social innovator.

The Outdoor Lab is a permanent workshop where the visitors will be able to see several Street/Urban Lighting fittings displayed and operational. In addition to the street lighting, floodlights also play a major role in the outdoor lab, as there will be the possibility to interact with the fittings, their accessories and the lighting effects.