ILP launches new online training platform

(UK) – Platform developed to deliver ILP training courses remotely.

The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) has developed a new online platform to deliver training courses to the lighting community.

Although usually delivered in a face-to-face environment, doing so is no longer practical amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As lighting professionals still need to keep abreast of the latest developments, current thinking, and keep their CPD up to date, the ILP has moved its training programme online.

The new, state-of-the-art resource has the potential to reach those in need of training anywhere in the world – those working from home, vulnerable people self-isolating, those overseas that would prefer not to travel, now have access to professional development by the ILP.

Initially, two of the ILP’s current one-day courses – Asset Management Toolkit: Minor Structures (ATOM) Fundamentals and Fundamental Lighting Course – have been re-designed to be delivered in the first phase, with more content being available over the next month.

The aim is for all ILP one-day courses to be available online, with other training materials being developed for online delivery.

ILP Vice President Education, Kimberly Bartlett, said: “This is a fantastic resource that I’m so proud of. Its development and the dynamic capability of the ILP to react to changing situations is something commendable.”

The facility is available now for lighting professionals, engineers, contractors, planners, environmental health officers and everybody involved in lighting. The platform is open to everyone, but ILP members can access courses at a discounted rate.

The platform can be accessed here.