Inter-Lux Expand The Team

Left: Robert Davis, Right: Jim Toole

(USA) – Inter-lux announce two new appointments as plans for expansion continue.

As suppliers to the North American market for high design and high quality lighting products and services, demand is high for lighting manufacturers Inter-lux, and thus they have announced two new members to the team this month to aid in this product expansion across the company.

Their newly appointed Vice President of Manufacturing is Robert Davis. With an early career beginning in design engineering work, product design, order processing and manufacturing, Davis has quickly worked his way up and made a name for himself in the design industry as a design engineer and department manager over the last seventeen years.

The next step in his career will see him managing all aspects of order fulfilment, utilising brand new ERP/MRP manufacturing software. Working with existing line managers, they will work to improve efficiency in the production lines as well as work closely with the Engineering Department to implement new products and processes.

Mark Zaroogian, Chief Operating Officer, comments: “We have grown our revenue significantly over the last three years, and in 2016 we invested significantly into the infrastructure necessary to attain the next level of services to our representative network and to deliver the best of class and product and services to our customers. Robert is exemplary of the quality and experience we are adding to our team and we are very excited to have him among us.”

The second addition sees Jim Toole stepping into the role of Chief Business Development Officer. As a consummate lighting professional, Toole has successful experience in product development, design, application, sales and management.

Toole’s career started with an education in industrial design, which led him into product development and thus growing into product and design management. He has an extensive career past in sales and general management for high design architectural and performance lighting brands over the last fifteen years.

In terms of management for Inter-Lux, Toole will be in charge of New York City, Boston and surrounding market areas. He will be working closely with Marketing Managers to continue with the expansion of sales and marketing campaigns as well as working with management to direct the Inter-Lux brand.

COO, Mark Zaroogian states: “We are very fortunate to welcome Jim Toole into our company, and to make him available to our Representatives and Customers. As our business grows, we are able to attract top talent into our organisation that can immediately impact our culture and our product. Jim is certainly a prime example of the type of person that will make a significant and positive impact. We are all looking forward to having Jim on the Team”.