Jason Bruges Studio: Latent Façade

9th August 2021

Inspired by the pioneering research undertaken on the Cambridge Science Park, Latent Façade is an exploration of image capture and computer vision. Its cellular form references the work of Sir Nevill Mott who first described “latent image” – the process by which light transforms hexagonal silver halide crystals within photographic film to record an invisible “trace”.

During the day, two motion detection cameras become the artwork’s “eyes” observing pedestrian and vehicular movements which are then recounted in real-time as animated patterns of light. At night, or during quiet spells, the artwork closes its eyes and “dreams”. Using bespoke, generative algorithms, it samples a library of recorded visitor movements randomly selecting one “trace” at a time and using it as a seed for an evolving display.

Situated on the south-west and south-east façades of a landmark building designed by architects Scott Brownrigg, Latent Façade finds beauty in the mundane. By interpreting everyday actions as unpredictable, performative patterns it explores how art can transform the built environment into a dynamic ever-changing spectacle.

Film: Matthew Watt (Hotmilk Films)
Music: Tom Cove