JLL Offices, Singapore

10th January 2023

Blending a homogenous light with low level, biophilic audio, KScape’s Rail fixtures – linear luminaires fitted with loudspeakers – were used at JLL’s new offices within Singapore’s CapitaSpring building.

To build the next generation of offices, JLL wanted to optimise every aspect of its new 23,500sqft space within Singapore’s CapitaSpring building to create a groundbreaking human centric workplace.

One of the core areas of focus was on noise pollution – a common problem in most open office environments, noise irritation can create a lack of focus, stress, and is harmful for employees over time.

In addition, lighting is an essential component to wellbeing within the workplace. Not only do staff require a light capable of delivering a comfortable performance, but also to work within the wider human centric design, following the light of the day – especially with large windows overlooking the city.

KScape, along with Moodsonic, was chosen by JLL’s design team to reduce office noise pollution. Moodsonic create advanced white noise through biophilic soundscapes created to protect the concentration of the office worker by playing natural sounds at a very low level of 45dB so as not to distract them, but also to mask unwanted noise.

To implement this here, Moodsonic used KScape’s Rail lighting fixture, which is embedded with loudspeakers.

“Rail was chosen over other ceiling speakers and lights not only because of the uniformity of light, but also due to the way the sound is delivered. “Unlike the vertical rain effect that ceiling speakers create, Rail surrounds the subject with a long, homogenous sound that can cover larger areas of the office space, reducing the amount of speakers required,” said Thomas Riby, Brand Manager at KScape.

Around JLL’s open, modern office, 90 Rail units are positioned strategically around work desks to provide even sound coverage at 45-60dB and provide comfortable lighting of 450lx UGR for employees either sitting or standing at their desks.

The Rail fixtures play biophilic, natural sounds generated by a Moodsonic device connected to a matrix through a K-array KA18 amplifier with 12 Rail connected to each of the 8x150W channels for audio.

For lighting, the three-channel internal DALI driver was connected to a Crestron ecosystem to control automatic daylight dimming and lighting scenes for general office environments and entertainment.