Kate Wilkins and Sam Neuman join forces

(UK) – London based lighting designers bring together years of collaboration to create portfolio of varied projects and launch new website.

Lighting designers Kate Wilkins and Sam Neuman have joined forces after years of collaboration. Their new web-site KateandSam.co.uk is now live showing a portfolio of projects of different scales using both well-established and cutting-edge lighting techniques and often together.

Much of their work is about lighting as a way to effectively bring out the materiality and details of both architectural interiors and exteriors. Another of their objectives is based around exploring the narrative role of lighting in a space and a physical and psychological feel-good factor that can be achieved through tactical lighting.

Wilkins and Neuman’s interests follow lighting as an essential part of a business’ identity. Their work for Wahaca restaurant group has explored the notion of brand in this way. Most recently, Wilkins and Neuman completed the lighting scheme for Wahaca Cardiff. This involved the installation of Booo soft rubber pendants each supplied with a 2,700k 650 lumen LED with mains dimming down to 10%. To work with the colour palette and react to the warmer tone light waves, the pendants were fitted with custom yellow and orange flexes. The Booos help bring the room down to a more friendly scale for dining whilst keeping the impressive size.

The studio has also recently completed the lighting scheme for Llanelly House in Wales (pictured right). The building is Wales’ finest Georgian house and has been painstakingly restored for public use, incorporating retail, function rooms, exhibition space and a restaurant.

The studio used a lighting scheme in the grand room that highlights important works of art and architectural details, including the original cornices. The role of lighting in conservation and historic buildings is something that they are looking to explore further in the future.