LEC Lyon turns 40

(France) – French lighting manufacturer to release art publication in March 2017, marking first 40th birthday celebration.

French lighting manufacturer LEC Lyon has announced celebration plans for its 40 year anniversary.

In 1977, LEC focussed all its energy on LED technology; a gamble which paid off when it came to meeting strict specifications for reliability, energy efficiency, maintenance and aesthetics.

It’s now been 40 years that LEC has been following LED’s development, from its infancy to its appreciation by major clients. Along the way, LEC has met its pioneers, with whom it has developed custom products which have become standard, always paying attention to norms and quality.

According to the manufacturer, for 40 years the LEC team’s greatest satisfaction has come through making its clients happy. Whether they be lighting designers, directors of public lighting or architects, LEC’s goal has been to offer the fitted LED marker or outdoor luminaire that matches every one of their requirements.

‘‘This anniversary provides us with the opportunity to thank them for the loyalty, without which LEC would never have participated in prestigious projects around the world,’’ commented LEC.

The publication of an art book in March will mark the first celebration of this birthday. It will feature testimonials from guest speakers whose audacity has helped advance LED outdoor lighting and who have entrusted their projects to LEC in the last 40 years.

All the valued interviews from LEC’s birthday book will be posted throughout the year as part of the expert series on the LEC Expert blog.