LED Linear: The Ultima Family

10th June 2021

The Ultima family focuses on efficient design that uses as little material as possible. LED Linear addressed the core issue designers and architects face when selecting a luminaire: smaller products mean less light, while robust products compromise on resources and design but are more efficient. The company’s drive was to combine the best of both worlds and develop the smallest and most efficient luminaire for the market.

With a high degree of variability and minimalist compactness, the Ultima family allows new design freedom in architectural lighting. By using innovative nano-optics, the luminaire size could be reduced to a cross-section of 10x13mm while improving lighting effects. From spotlight to batwing, a total of seven precise light distributions with maximum colour consistency are available. The glare control (up to UGR < 13) means that the light source remains hidden.

ULTIMA-S (Stand-alone)

Ideal for integration on grid ceilings or as surface mounting, but also for furniture integration, showcase or display lighting.

ULTIMA-T (Track)

The luminaire system is ideal for offices, galleries, museums and generally for rooms where different types of lighting are required within specific areas. The pendant track variant will complement the ULTIMA-T series in autumn.

ULTIMA-P (Pendant)

ULTIMA-P is ideal above counters in entrance areas, hotel receptions, bars, but also above work desks as well as tables in meeting rooms.