LED Linear: Three George, Germany

25th January 2022

The Three Georges Building in Düsseldorf is a forward-looking refurbishment project in which existing office and business premises on the Georg-Glock-Street have been completely renovated and expanded. The building received a new façade, which contributes to the modern, positive cityscape through an extraordinary LED installation.

The basis for the seeming illumination is a specially developed façade concept. The façade construction consists of folded, vertical, approx. 75cm wide aluminium bands. The folds of the opaque aluminium strips and the folds of the canopies are illuminated by linear LED light lines along the entire façade. The design of this concept allows the installation of the linear LED light lines in the folds of this construction.

Spanning across 14 floors, Adonis IP67 were laid in the folds of the aluminium strips. On the façade of the building approximately 1.8 kilometers of light lines are used, which make the building something special. Taking into account the currently valid standards and the Düsseldorf Light Substitute, it was necessary to dim the entire lighting system down to about 10% in order to minimise glare and so-called light pollution in public areas.