LEDiL wins counterfeit battle in German courts

28th May 2024

(Germany) – LEDiL has been victorious in German courts against Darkoo companies, underscoring the brand’s dedication to defending its patents and designs.

LEDiL has been revolutionising the field with cutting-edge optics and solutions that have redefined lighting technology. Such success in the technology industry comes with a cost, with counterfeiters seeking to profit off its designs.

To combat the problem, LEDiL implemented a comprehensive strategy from rigorous monitoring at trade shows and IP filings, which has led to invalidating patents and designs, removing copies from e-commerce platforms, stopping trademark hijacks, and addressing patent violations.

During Light+Building 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany, LEDiL partnered with German customs authorities. This resulted in a joint operation, leading to the raid of two exhibition booths displaying counterfeit products with infringing designs.

At the fair, LEDiL and the customs officials identified and removed several products violating the company’s patented technologies and designs. These products were prominently displayed, misleading potential customers about their origin and quality – a practice that not only deceives customers, but also undermines the integrity of the lighting industry.

Injuctions handed down by the German courts have banned companies from using, selling, or offering for sale or importing for these purposes that infringe LEDiL’s European Patent EP 2 776 883 B1.

“Protecting our IPR is crucial not only for our business, but for maintaining the trust of our customers and the integrity of the market,” said Mika Simonen, CSCO of LEDiL. “We are grateful for the swift action of the German customs authorities and their cooperation in upholding intellectual property rights during such a key industry event. Following the findings, we will proceed with additional legal actions, including the pursuit of criminal charges against the infringers in Germany.”

Read the full white paper at https://www.ledil.com/news_all/articles-and-whitepapers/the-innovator-leads-the-way-others-follow-ledil-fights-against-counterfeits/