Lichtstadt becomes member of ILO

30th January 2023

(Austria) – The Lichtstadt Association has been accepted as a member of the internationally recognised International Light Festivals Organisation (ILO).

The International Light Festivals Organisation (ILO) is an alliance of light festivals and experts who exchange expertise, inspiration and information on an international level and promote networking and mutual exchange.

By joining the ILO, the Lichtstadt Association hopes to raise awareness of its own programme of events, such as the light art festival Lichtstadt Feldkirch, and the smaller format Spotlight, promoting the Vorarlberg region at an international level.

“Through international exchange, we can observe and evaluate acute issues such as sustainability efforts or how to deal with energy shortages in the festival context and adapt them for our region,” said Dagmar Fuchs, Commercial Director of the Lichtstadt Association. “At the same time, members also benefit from the exchange of artistic positions and concepts.”

Sina Wagner, Artistic Director, added: “We are pleased to be able to expand our view beyond national borders in this professional environment and to keep our finger on the pulse, so that the programme can be diverse and exciting, surprising and spectacular.”

The next edition of the biennial Lichtstadt Feldkirch will take place from October 4-7, 2023.

Image: Günter Richard Wett