Light Beacon, Venlo, Netherlands

11th January 2023

Revitalising an industrial monument that not only updates its appearance, but also gives it a new function, thanks to Unlumited Lighting Solutions.

When thinking of old chimneys, this is likely not the first image that comes to mind. What led to the characteristics of this 70-metre-high landmark, called “Light Beacon from Venlo”, in the Netherlands? And how was it realised?

Back in 1942, the chimney was built as part of a production line for roof tiles, owned by the Wienerberger company, and has been a symbol for the industry and the company for many years, as well as being the highest point in the region.

The chimney was used for production up till 1995. Because of its prominent presence and symbolism, it was designated a municipal industrial monument in 2002. In 2018 designers Suzanne Berkers and Yvonne Rooding were requested to come up with a design for updating the monument. This, however, led to a completely new plan; not only updating the appearance but giving it a new function. The Boei! Foundation, which commits to maintaining monuments, funded, along with Wienerberger, local government, and others, the complete restoration and realisation of the beacon it is today.

The chimney is now highlighted with 31 rings of colour, which can be individually and remotely set to create hypnotising colour shows, or display the colours of local, national, and international events. This playful way of re-using the monument updated the use and appearance of this well-known and cherished local monument for many more years. The remote access allows for promptly adjusting the colours in response to main events as a show of support.

When outdoors and towering above the surroundings, many factors come into play: wind, weather, UV radiation, large temperature differences, impact resistance, and more. At this altitude and restricted accessibility, reliability and durability are key factors to keeping costs within the limits.

As a representative of Clear Lighting in the Netherlands, Unlumited Lighting Solutions closely cooperated with the parties involved. The requirements and circumstances were thoroughly investigated and a custom-fit plan led to the seamless result seen today.

When realising outdoor projects and especially projects on this scale, collaboration and custom solutions are key. The FlexGlo series from Clear Lighting is made to order based on the required lengths and with the location of connections taken into consideration, and it enables seamless integration and faster installation. As there are no modifications required, the reliability remains intact.