Light Collective announce Disruptia event in Mexico City

16th October 2023

(Mexico) – Curated by Light Collective, Disruptia is a two-day event focusing on the lighting community’s place in the new era of technology in design. Disruptia will be held on 30 November, coinciding with Light Collective’s expansion to the city.

Held in Mexico City on the 30 November, where the group is opening a new LATAM branch with former collaborator Magali Mendez. Disruptia will be the first official Light Collective LATAM event and Mendez, who has worked globally as an architect and lighting designer with her own company, Saas Lighting in Mexico.

The programme includes keynote presentations from key disruptors in and out of the lighting industry, creating opportunities to learn and develop with expert think tank session. The aim is to bring industry and designers together to discuss ideas, problems, solutions, and ambitions in the technology focused event.

Disruptia will include international contributors of lighting design, product design, visual arts, architecture, neuro-architecture, theatre, material innovation, immersive experiences, AI, web 3.0, blockchain, metaverse and manufacturing.

The program includes the following: James Simpson from Copper Candle; Christopher Bauder from WhiteVoid; Juan Ferrari from Hoare Lea; and Tapio Rosenius from LDCOL, who will be contributing virtual presentations. Juan Carlos Baumgartner from Space; Kai Diederichsen from Luz en Arquitectura; Karina Lozano from Arquitectura, Entorno, Energía; Miguel Corella from Korela Innovación; Juan Rodriguez García, Independent Artist; Julie Conway from Illuminata; Dinorah Martinez from Manufactura; and Luis Ignacio Santibañez Wood from Cocolab will also be presenting in person.

Workshops will also be available for practical demonstrations alongside think tank session featuring Victor Palacio, Liliana Gonzalez, Cristina Escofet, Bianca Gonzalez, Lorenzo Marla, Juan Carlos Yurrit and Gabriel Esquivel.

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