Light Collective announce third book in series

9th July 2024

(Global) – UK-based Lighting consultancy Light Collective is set to release the third book in its series ‘Collected Light Volume three: Women in entertainment lighting’.

The new book focuses on women in the entertainment lighting industry, compiling stories worldwide that showcase their contributions and addressing the imbalance in the field. Light Collective will present the book in Paris, London and Las Vegas.

A launch party will be held at Aryton’s Paris showroom on 20 November. All 65 global contributors are invited to attend and will feature talks by Clementine Fletcher-Smith on light and architecture, Clara Daguin on light and fashion and, Christina Thanasoula on theatre lighting.

Ayrton, LED and laser lighting solution specialists, has partnered as sponsor, enabling the expansion of its focus from architectural to entertainment lighting and aims to support the next generation of women in the industry.

Contributors featured in the book include:  Alita Escobedo, Amy D Lux, Anna Turra, Anne Militello, Averil Bott, Bethany Gupwell, Beverly Emmons, Cara Hood, Cat Tate Starmer, Celine Royer, Christina Thanasoula, Danielle Feinberg, Daphne Ting-Yu Chu, Diana Kesselschmidt, Domino Mannheim, Elanor Higgins, Elena Armellini, Elisabetta Campanelli, Eliza Alexandropoulou, Ellen Ruge, Emily Bornt, Emma Weil, Erica D Hayes, Erica Lauren Maholmes, Eve Radwan, Fiametta Baldiserri, Heather Carson, Hema Maskowitz, Hetall Dedhhia, I – Hua Kao, Iga Pop, Jennifer Tipton, Jessica Greenberg, Jessica Hung Han Yun, Karla Lopez, Kat Borderud, Kathy A Perkins, Lauren King, Liliana Ladeluca, Lola Barroso, Lucy Carter, Luisa Fanciullacci Sodergren, Maria T Mendoza, Mary J Varher, Megumi Yatabe, Mildred M Moyo, Natalie Heckl, Natalie Wreyford, Paule Constable, Peggy Eisenhauer, Po- Hsin Liu, Randiane Aalberg Sandboe, Rie Uomori, Roma Flowers, Sian James-Holland, Sooner Routhier, Stacey Boggs, Subul Lodi, Susan M Nicholson, Tess Minor, Tiffany Spicer Keys, Yana Rits, Yang Yu, Zoe Dirse.