Light Symposium comes to Stockholm

13th March 2023

(Sweden) – Light Symposium – a yearly collaboration between four universities and their partners across Europe – will this year be held in Sweden during Nobel Week from 4-6 December.

The 9th edition of the event will have the title Architecture Lighting Environments: Space With(Out) Light, and will be hosted by the Architectural Lighting Design Division of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Perception Studio at Konstfack, the University of Arts, Crafts, and Design.

KTH is one of the four partner universities, alongside Hochschule Wismar, Germany; AAU Copenhagen, Denmark; and USN Kongsberg, Norway. The event coordination and location alternates among the four partners, which each being involved in steering and advising each year’s event and programme.

The conference programme will be structured around a published call for papers (talks and poster presentations), with proposals to be submitted online. Suggested topics include daylight and electric light in architecture, art, and urban design, including interpretations on: Variability and Rhythmicity; Designing for Darkness; Sensory and Spatial Perceptions; Light and Health for all Species.

Daylight and electric light are an integral part of our built environment, and the sustainable design of lighting in this context, its presence, absence, and variability over time, requires trans- and interdisciplinary research and practice.

Although the presence of light is intimately linked to the life of humans, flora, and fauna, research and practice have not yet fully explored how light and dark (lightness and darkness) can shape the built environment in a sustainable and holistic way. Research and practice into the affects and effects of light combine lighting design with other fields. LS2023 will facilitate a spectral interchange in which individuals working in research, design, and industry will discuss the process of integrating the many shades of light into various scales of projects, large and small.

The three-day international conference will be organised as an in-person event to bring together lighting-related communities and discuss the latest insights from design, research, theory, technology, art, and applications.

Alongside these talks, related panel discussions, and posters, the programme will also include several keynote speakers, networking events, and walking tours of light-related installations throughout Stockholm, for example, as part of the Nobel Week Lights programme.

Following the three Light Symposium days, lighting-related talks and gatherings will continue in Stockholm 6-8 December in connection with the Light Week of the Swedish Energy Agency.

For more information about the event, and to submit to the call for papers, visit the Light Symposium website.