Lights in Alingsås adapts for 2020

4th June 2020

(Sweden) – Lights in Alingsås cancels international workshop and creates a paired-down festival for locals.

This year, the festival will focus on light and the local community. Lights in Alingsås will be illuminating the town this October, which will mark a positive re-start for the local community and the residents of Alingsås.

In the current situation, the lighting workshop, which normally involves international designers and students travelling to Alingsås, will not go ahead as usual. This year, the scale of the experimental light installations will be smaller and the focus will be on experiencing the light in the cityscape. There are also hopes that the collaboration with students on the electricity and energy programme at Alströmer Senior High School will continue.

“We do not want to attract crowds, but instead want to attract visitors who come individually or in small groups to see the lights in October, as they have done for the last twenty years,” said Jan Olofzon, CEO of Alingsås Energi. “We want to do this with the help of, and for the benefit of, tourism and local business.”

This year’s lighting designers, Anuj Gala, Rogier Hengeveld, Craig Spring, Jessica Krometis, Luciana Alanis, Rodrigo Muro, and Sara Ortega have been invited to return as workshop heads next year.

“Just like everyone else in our business, we need to be innovative and think in new ways,” said Event Manager Camilla Boström. “We won’t be arranging guided group visits but instead we will be extending our Lights in Alingsås app, so that people can enjoy a virtual guided tour.”

The Lights in Alingsås lighting festival will start on 1 October 2020.