Llumversació, Spain

Presented as a collection of light art at Barcelona’s dterra gallery, Maurici Ginés and artec3 Studio’s ‘Llumversació’ exhibits how it can break through materials to reveal a magical image, establishing a dialogue with the audience.

During February and March 2016, Maurici Ginés and artec3 Studio presented Llumversació – a collection of light art at dterra gallery in Barcelona, Spain. The collection aimed to create a new perception of an object through the use of light, in its interaction with materials and filters. Ginés´work explores the event taking place when two colours interact together, and when chromatic additive interference is applied. The resulting ambiguity creates a new virtual sensation.

Ginés, creative director of artec3 Studio, has more than 20 years of experience working with light in different areas. He has done projects ranging from ephimeral to permanent, in the urban public space.

In this exhibition, Ginés proposes an analogical experience in an interior space, where light breaks through materials to reveal a magical image and establish a dialogue with the audience.

‘‘We worked with cellular polycarbonate and theatre filters, and by combining these two materials and integrating light, we established a dialogue with the audience,’’ explained Ginés. ‘‘I like the idea of ‘virtuality’, the piece does not exist but only an image of itself and how the depth of colour creates a new appearance. We have three pieces that work with projected light through cellular polycarbonate, and two with light that emanates within themselves.’’

Llumversacio is a collection of artwork that evolved from Ginés´ persistent investigations during his years dedicated to light.

Pic: ©artec3 Studio