LMPG expands Fluxwerx to European Market

24th April 2024

(Canada) – LMPG, formerly known as Lumenpulse Group, has announced the launch of its brand Fluxwerx Illumination in Europe.

Established in 2011 in British Columbia, Canada, the move is the first international expansion phase for Fluxwerx as it will simultaneously unveil its offerings in key European markets including the UK, Sweden, France, and Italy. Leveraging the robust sales network of its sister brand, Lumenpulse, Fluxwerx’s introduction has been meticulously orchestrated in collaboration with local partners in each territory, ensuring that its features and benefits resonate strongly with European lighting professionals.

François-Xavier Souvay, Founder, President and CEO of LMPG, says of the expansion: “It’s an incredibly exciting year for Fluxwerx and LMPG. We have worked hand-in-hand to bring this renowned brand to Europe, and it answers exactly what the lighting professionals are looking for – a perfect balance of aesthetics, innovation, comfort, and optical quality.”

Reuben Bartlett, President of Fluxwerx Illumination, adds: “The past years have shown an increasing demand from overseas, and Fluxwerx has felt a special connection to lighting professionals in Europe – perhaps because our products adhere to international design principles and have consistently earned accolades such as the Red Dot Awards from design juries worldwide. We’re very optimistic and strongly believe that the introduction of Fluxwerx in Europe will be highly successful.

“We look forward to collaborating with our incredibly passionate and knowledgeable European partners to meet the distinct needs of projects in the communities they serve.”

In the UK, Fluxwerx will have an exclusive partnership with Atrium. Ulysse Dormoy, Strategic Director of Atrium, says: “We are delighted to be at the forefront of introducing Fluxwerx to the UK market for the first time. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, bringing together our commitment to quality and innovation with Fluxwerx’s cutting-edge solutions.

“Together, we look forward to illuminating spaces in the UK with unparalleled brilliance and efficiency, setting a new standard in lighting technology and design with the common objective of enhancing the ambience and functionality of any environment.”

Marking the launch, Atrium’s showroom will showcase for the very first time in the UK a selection of designs, including Profile in black, a continuous lighting system with virtually seamless runs, Aperture Round in silver, a high performance suspended fixture with two unique breakthrough aesthetics, Lines Suspended in black, minimalist and ultra-thin in profile providing beam control with no view of the LED sources, and View Max, the ultimate transparent, vertical optics engineered specifically for LED.


Atrium will be the UK partner for Fluxwerx, as part of its European expansion. (Image: Fluxwerx)