Luce&Light Akro

Akro is a projector that uses LED technology, has a zoom lens for manually adjustable beam and is designed to house two optical filters. The versatility of optical performance is now also available for outdoor applications, as the projector is IP66 rated.

Available optical ranges are 9°–34° and 18°–38°; various types of filters can be applied to these to shape and colour the light beam, and vary its colour temperature: elliptical, diffusion, dichroic and chromatic.

The product also comes with anti-glare accessories: honeycomb louvre, barn doors, symmetrical and asymmetrical snoot; and installation accessories: stake and pole bracket.

There are two zones with gradations on the bracket to facilitate the projector’s pointing precision. Akro is available in a dimmable version with its own base, with a base that houses the built-in power supply (230Vac), and with no base (max 700mA).

The chosen materials (black anodised aluminium for the body and tempered glass for the screen), the Intelligent Protection System (IPS) and the NTC built-in temperature sensor guarantee and protect the fixture in outdoor applications.