Lucifer Lighting LED Optics and Sources

Lucifer Lighting has responded to the changes in the way we work and live with the release of three new LED platforms.

“With more people spending more time at home, there’s increased attention to details that improve our work and living environment. Higher quality and warmer toned interior lighting helps improve productivity and maintain natural, circadian rhythms,” said Alexandra Mathews, Executive Vice President of Lucifer Lighting.

To meet this demand, Lucifer Lighting has released two new sources: a fixed 2200K LED, as well as a new warm dim LED specifically calibrated to the incandescent dimming range from 2700K to 1800K. These 90+ CRI sources are available for all Lucifer Lighting downlights, trackheads, and surface mount fixtures such as the Squilinder and Cylinder, with numerous driver options.

In addition, Lucifer Lighting has introduced a punchy narrow beam optic, with beam angles as tight as 10-degrees, with centre beam candle power as high as 12,500. This new, high density LED source has been optimised for narrow beam optics, and notably, is flexible enough to transition to standard optics and wider beams. Compatible with all Lucifer Lighting drivers, the narrow beam optic is available in 80+, 90+ and 97+ CRI, with 2 SDCM for 2700K, 3000L, 3500K and 4000K.