Lutron releases Athena architectural lighting solution

1st October 2021

(UK) – Lutron brings Athena architectural lighting solution – with iOS App Control – to the global market.

Athena is inspired light that delivers a holistic experience – a simple, flexible, all-in-one solution for lighting, intelligent blinds, and connected apps.

Lutron Electronics brings the Athena architectural solution to global applications. Athena is a simple, flexible, all-in-one solution that elevates everyday experiences with the magic of light. The system marries world-class control, flexibility, and simple app-based setup in a lighting control solution that is optimal for both new construction and retrofits and is ideally suited to handle the evolving needs of commercial spaces. Especially now, as commercial spaces are rethinking occupancy patterns and ease of use, Athena is built to meet today’s uncharted design challenges while delivering flexibility for the future. 

Key features include:

  • Universal fixture control – control all load types from a single product with no minimum load requirements.
  • A right-sized processor accommodates design and budget in both small and large spaces with no limit to the number of DALI zones making it ideal for intimate restaurants, art galleries and museums, and hotel public areas. Athena is designed for seamless integration of lights and blinds to deliver a beautiful lighting environment.
  • Simple-to-use, the mobile iOS application for real-time programming and personalisation includes features such as fade times adjustable to up to four hours.
  • Seamless API integration to building management systems for centralised monitoring and control. Athena is designed to deliver quality light, natural light, a connection to the outdoors, and control options that are focused on enhancing the human experience. 

“Across the globe, building design and customer expectations are changing to reflect a more human centric lighting experience. As designers and business owners navigate new challenges, Athena offers a solution that supports the human experience and celebrates nuances in design and culture. For today’s lighting designs, flexibility and simplicity are paramount. Athena is built with this in mind,” said Olivier Perrigueur, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Business at Lutron. 

Most people spend their days under static light that doesn’t change. Athena invites architects and designers to change this paradigm, to extend dynamic natural light deep into the built environment, far beyond the window’s reach. Athena brings the full power of tuneable white, DALI Type 8 fixtures to the designer’s fingertips. With best-in-class fade times, and independent control of colour temperature and intensity – from 100% to 0.1% – create perfect harmony between interior light and natural daylight. 

Athena expands opportunities for beautiful light in elegant spaces. Customise lighting designs with warm dimming and tuneable white control. The simple, mobile app enables dimming to 0.1% light with precision fine-tuning in 1% light level increments for visual presentation and aesthetics that are unique in each space. Customised controls are also available to meet the needs of occupants and visitors alike – touchless, responsive options like occupancy and daylight sensors or timeclock control, individual Pico remote controls and luxury aesthetics such as Palladiom keypads, or the all-new Athena Touchscreen, and mobile app integration ensure the right options for each space. 

Athena processors allow the system to scale easily, making Athena systems as good for small architectural spaces such as restaurants, museums, and boutiques, as they are for large, open-plan office spaces and corporate headquarters.