Max Guzzini elected President of ASSIL

(Italy) – Massimiliano Guzzini accepts position with the goal of bringing Association of Italian Lighting Manufacturers to more active role in Italy and Europe.

The Association of Italian Lighting Manufacturers has announced the election of Massimiliano Guzzini as its president.

ASSIL represents and protects around 80 Italian companies belonging to the categories of lighting, electrical components for fittings and systems, LED and light sources with a global turnover of €2.5bn (about 60% of the industry turnover in Italy) and employs more than 8,000 people.

Through its representatives, ASSIL actively participates in all nine working groups in Lighting Europe (Smart, Human Centric Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Energy Efficiency, Systems, Surveillance, Standardisation, Statistics and Strategy), the Brussels-based association that supports and defends the lighting industry in Europe in close connection to the European Parliament that works to promote efficient lighting that benefits the environment, the wellbeing and safety of people, and sets industrial guidelines in Europe.

Massimiliano Guzzini, who is also on the Lighting Europe Executive Board, stated:

“I’ve accepted this position with the goal of bringing ASSIL towards a more active role in Italy and Europe to benefit our system of companies, promoting the topics of innovation that with Lighting Europe we’re developing in the 2025 Strategic Road Map, based on LEDification, Internet of Things and Human Centric Lighting. Innovation is the engine of growth and internationalisation, and more than anything it’s a cultural phenomenon.

‘‘Promoting the know-how and knowledge of light as a technical, regulatory, social and cultural element leads to the training of professionals who are better informed and geared towards quality products and companies. Innovation and culture are values that the Italian industry has in its DNA more than anyone else; values that should be protected by national and European norms and regulations that guarantee the same opportunities for everyone.’’