Motoko Ishii named Tokyo Honorary Citizen

Motoko Ishii (right), receives the Tokyo Honorary Citizen Award from Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike (left) in an Award Ceremony at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

(Japan) – Commendation for those who have made a contribution to rise of social culture.

Lighting designer Motoko Ishii has been recognised as a Tokyo Honorary Citizen in a ceremony held on October 1 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government commends those who have made a contribution to the rise of social culture by selecting “Honorary Citizens” as objects of respect for the citizens of Tokyo. This is the first time such an award has been given to a lighting designer.

Ishii was selected for this award for her continued work in cultivating the attraction of new lighting designs such as urban lighting, architectural lighting, and light performances, aiming for their spread under conditions where lighting design has not yet taken root.

She has worked on many light projects and events both at home and abroad, and continues to be active as a leading lighting designer, giving hope and vitality to people.

“Having been born and raised in Tokyo, it is a great honour for me to receive recognition as a Tokyo Honorary Citizen,” Ishii said. “I have done many lighting designs both inside and outside Japan, and I’m proud that the lights of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge and the Sumida River bridge group that I designed have become Tokyo landmarks.

“Unless it is peaceful, you cannot enjoy the lights of the city. I sincerely hope that Tokyo will continue to light bright lights.”

Ishii was selected alongside artist Tadanori Yokoo and traditional craftsman Toshio Takizawa as Honorary Citizens. Each Honorary Citizen is presented with medals, and their portraits are displayed in the hall of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.